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Looking forward to 2022

14 December 2021

To excite people, inspire them and inspire them in their actions: With this goal, ARCHITECT@WORK has once again set out in 2021 to make personal immersion and exploration possible for visitors. Because the thirst for analogy is great and remains unquenched in many areas. So the exhibitors as well as the speakers and the fair guests were equally grateful that face-to-face discussions were made possible again. Even if there is still room for improvement in terms of visitor numbers, ARCHITECT@WORK can claim the success of having done everything possible to make the fair possible in the first place. The last two German editions in Hamburg and Stuttgart closed the 2021 event series in Germany.

The dates for the next editions in 2022 have already been set: ARCHITECT@WORK will start the new season in Munich in April (27 + 28.04.2022), and in October (19 + 20.10.2022) the fair will be held in the capital Berlin. And there is already good news to look forward to: next year, Frankfurt will also be taking part, where ARCHITECT@WORK will be held for the first time on 7 + 8 December 2022. A special highlight in any case: the city on the Main has also been won over by the exclusive concept and will thus soon be inviting architects, planners, project developers and designers to visit. True to the motto "There's magic in every beginning", ARCHITECT@WORK will also set new impulses in the tradition-rich trade fair city.

The importance of not losing heart, especially in difficult times, is reflected in the past year of the fair. Above all, one thing succeeded: ARCHITECT@WORK has retained its straightforward strategy and exceptional concept, adapted to the strict regulations and used the new rules pragmatically and intelligently - in short: it has remained true to itself. The fact that the liveliness continues is ensured by the still conscientious selection of exhibitors and their products, who always bring new, fresh wind into the popular event. It will not be boring in the future either, that much is already certain.

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